Barbara Bilboe

Serving The Greater Niagara Region

  • Barbara is a Life Celebration Specialist serving the Niagara region.
  • When not working - she enjoys gardening, cooking, hosting loved ones, renovating her 1930's home, reading/researching areas of interest, or cruz'ing around in her Corvette!
  • Her favourite leisure time is spent with her husband - whom both love DIY'ing, history & museums, motorsports, and travelling.
  • Barbara has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, and with large scale events such as fundraisers, parties, and weddings (beginning with banquet serving in her teens right up until she began her own entrepreneurial event pursuits such as decor rentals, cake making, bartending services, etc) - she loves catering to clients!
  • Barbara has worked in the social service sector for over 15 years, possesses her Masters in Social Work, and works for a non-profit agency providing counselling and programming - she loves facilitating therapeutic groups!
  • She is highly organized and energetic, and excels at administration, planning, presentations, etc - so much so, many people have mistakenly assumed she has an MBA (vs. an MSW)!
  • She is passionate about motorsports, big breed dogs and other animals, people's life & love stories, and proximity to water - so she loves it when people want to have a personalized event involving their speciality vehicles (or other piece of machinery like a tractor or boat), their furry family members, or other unique visions - she reflects this as she speaks with great conviction, passion, and enthusiasm when officiating/MC'ing celebratory events!

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