our core values 

We believe in and practice the following values and practices, and seek to build them into the heart of all we do.

Our primary focus is to build relationships with those to whom we are called to serve. We believe if we can build authentic relationships, we will then have a greater means of impact on lives as trust will be created.

We strive to do all things with excellence, remembering to always give of ourselves with nothing less than 100%.

Returning phone calls and getting back to inquiries and messages within 24 hrs is imperative. A greater sense of confidence is created when promptness is upheld.

We are not hard to get to know! If we are open, people will also be more open, which will enhance effectiveness of service.

With so much skepticism regarding clergy, people need to know that those in ministry are trustworthy and will not be pushy or rude. We believe in demonstrating an amazing amount of integrity.

We believe in always being on time.

We believe in always tell the truth, and never embellishing our story.

We believe we can impact peoples lives through the words we speak. We aim to always be sharp, focused and inspired with the words we share.

I believe that how we present physically is just as important as how we present by way of our personality. A high standard of personal hygiene, neatness, and deportment, behaving at all times ‘decently and in order’ in all relationships is my guiding principle.